Jeff’s Approach to Coaching

I partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that generates insights and actions, inspiring them to achieve what they really want at work and in life.

I co-create each coaching experience so that it is keenly focused on the specific goals that the client wants to achieve.

I craft a process that ensures the client moves from the current situation to a future state where the client’s coaching goals are realized.

I apply the latest science and evidence-based approaches to the coaching experience. This approach ensures that clients achieve results with the brain in mind, instead of guessing their way through unfounded theories or unsubstantiated methods.

I bring expert neuroscience applications to the coaching experience that accelerate results and build the client’s capability to get sustain results with the brain in mind long after the coaching experience is complete.

My approach to coaching is especially useful when the client’s goals are just beyond the current reach and not likely to be achieved. It’s a stretch outside the client’s current comfort zone. If the client could achieve those goals without coaching, he would have done so already.

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