I love our HR profession, but we must rethink HR to be at the top of our game when it comes to leading people practices in organizations.

If you’ve started engagement surveys with employees, that’s great! Now it’s time to deepen engagement and improve the employee experience every day. Do you know the top five ways to deepen engagement and re-engage your employees?

When I coach HR professionals, I see the frustration and stress in their faces as they try to influence senior executives and earn their support for HR initiatives. We don’t have to be frustrated any longer! There are simple ways to communicate using brain science to make sure your message “lands” in the executive’s brain and influences their thinking.

And instead of being regarded as the “HR police,” it’s time for HR to be The Trusted Coach. I love seeing my HR colleagues increase their confidence and courage when I train them to ask three, brain-based coaching questions that spark new ideas and solutions. Your peers and executives are ready to increase their brain power with HR’s help as The Trusted Coach.

See how we can rethink HR together, and boost the power of your HR team!