I’ve authored my first foreword for the newly published book, Imagination@Work: Shifting Boundaries in the Modern Workplace!

Our daily lives crowd out the time and space for imagination. Our days are filled with logistics, tasks and activities that are keenly focused on the here and now, as we jump from obligation to obligation, meeting to meeting, crisis to crisis, problem to yet another problem, and, yes, email to email to email.

We simply don’t have many opportunities to imagine what could be or take the time to spark imagination to create the future we want for ourselves and the people we care about. We’re in an imagination-dampening culture.

Check out this anthology that includes several authors who have re-imagined the workplace and people practices igniting creative solutions.

The power of stories lies at the heart of Denise Jerome’s chapter, It All Starts with Your Story. Denise reminds you that stories aren’t just for writers or fictional characters. Using your imagination to create your own story leads to more meaning, purpose, innovation and engagement at work. Denise shows you and your team how to create stories that propel people and organizations into unimaginable success.

Purchase your copy of Imagination@Work, learn from five different authors, and bring imaginative solutions to your organization.