“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.”
– Albert Einstein

I’ve authored my first foreword for the newly published book, Imagination@Work: Shifting Boundaries in the Modern Workplace!

If you’re like me, just seeing the words “imagination” and “work” in the same sentence strikes you as a contradiction. Organizations are structured for efficiency, filled with hierarchies, and both battered and constrained by boundaries. Where would imagination have any place at work?

Check out this anthology that includes several authors who have re-imagined the workplace and people practices to ignite creative solutions.

Sometimes our imagination is on fire and we just can’t stop the new ideas and insights. Author Michele Fantt Harris’ imagination sparked two chapters!

First, she reimagines the exit interview and inspires you to create stay interviews in her chapter, Exit Interview vs. Stay Interview. Next, Michele shares a workplace coaching model that anyone can use in the chapter, Coaching in the Workplace. It’s a simple, powerful way to ignite an employee’s imagination to solve a workplace problem or improve performance.

Purchase your copy of Imagination@Work, learn from five different authors, and bring imaginative solutions to your organization.