I’m always asked the following question when I design and implement group coaching for companies around the globe: “We think group coaching can help our company, but who should be in the group?”

The answer comes from the following questions:

  • Who is critical to the success of the team or organization?
  • Who is leading a critical initiative ?
  • Who is implementing a major change?
  • Who needs a deeper on-boarding experience?
  • Who needs to prepare for their next promotion?
  • Who needs to learn leadership best-practices from each other?
  • Who needs to accelerate learning & development right now?
  • Who needs to deepen engagement or be re-engaged?
  • Who needs to improve diversity and inclusion practices?

Focus your group coaching on people who are critical to the organization’s success in the next six to nine months. Group coaching accelerates the participants’ thinking, solutions, actions, and results.

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